Many devices can be used for IPTV…

Instructions on how to install IPTV

You may have a very high speed internet and/or the latest TV in your living room. If you don’t choose the right application and setup for your device, you may not get the best out of our service. Each application is designed for different needs. We are here to help you to find the right tools for your IPTV entertainment.


Basics of IPTV


We highly suggest you to have WIRED connection for your device. WIFI connection may loose many packages due to multiple WIFI devices in your area. Wired connection will enable you to have the best experience even on low speed connections.


For SD quality channels you may have min of 12 Mbps internet speed. SD channels require less speed but the quality is also not the best.
For HD and up quality streaming we suggest to have min 20 Mbps internet speed.
These requirements are PER subscription. If you are planning to have multiple subscriptions within the same network, you should just multiply these min speeds with the subscription number.


IPTV can be viewed in many platforms. Depending on your budget and also mobility need, these are the options you may have:

  • Computer / Laptop
  • Mobile phones – Android or iOS
  • Tablets or iPADs
  • Smart TVs
  • Boxes – MAG, Android, Apple TV, Enigma, etc…


VLC PLAYER is a great application for your PC and Laptop. It works with an m3u file provide by our company. Please keep in mind that VLC is a limited application and depending on your device it may not open your list due to the size of our playlist. You may ask for a list with only LIVE TV Channels from our customer service.

Step 1: Download your m3u file into your computer by clicking on the URL provided to you.

Step 2: Open up VLC Media Player

Step 3:  Media > Open File > “Choose your .m3u file” . Your downloaded m3u file will be in your “Downloads” folder.

It will bring the first channel onto your screen after downloading all the channels. It may take some time depending on your device.

You can click on the “toggle playlist” button on the menu, bottom of your VLC Player to have the channel list on your right.

Or go to “View” in the Menu strip and navigate to “Playlist”(CTRL + L or command + L on MAC)

We also have a BROWSER APPLICATION for IPTV where you can just open your internet browser and start watching IPTV. You will receive all necessary information for this application in your product email upon your purchase.


There are many applications for your phone, tablet or box. We can suggest you some of them but at the end, it will be your preferences which will help you to decide. Here are some applications widely used by our customers.

PERFECT PLAYER – Android It is one of the pioneers in IPTV app market. You can install it from Google Play. It works with m3u URL as playlist. You need to add also manually EPG source. You can install from this link

GSE SMART IPTV – Android and iOS It works with m3u URL as playlist. You need to add also manually EPG source. You can install android from this link, and iOS from this link

IPTV SMARTERS – Android and iOS It is the latest and mostly used application these days. It works with xtream codes which needs username, password and URL provided by our company upon your purchase. You can install android from this link, and iOS from this link.

OUR APPLICATION – Android It is similar to smarters app with our server modification. You need to install it from an .apk file which may require some knowledge. You will receive the link for downloading upon your purchase.


SS IPTV This application works on PHILIPS, SONY, LG and SAMSUNG Smart Tvs. You can get more info on their web site. Due to its limitation, you can only have LIVE TV Channels in your playlist. Adding EPG source to the app may also create issues.

SMART IPTV It is the mostly used app in the market. Also works on android TVs and some MAG Infomir boxes. You need to upload your m3u URL from their website using your MAC address from the app. You can also add manually EPG source. You can get more info on their web site.

SMART STB It is a MAG emulator and replaces your box. Very user friendly and more features comparing to Smart IPTV.  You can get more info on their web site.

SMARTERS IPTV It is released very recently and available now on some SMART TV apps. You need to check if it is available in your region. It works with username, password and Host which are provided with your subscription.

1 month 12 euro
3 months 30 euro
6 months 50 euro
12 months 90 euro


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9.000 VOD Movies and Series
Free apps for android boxes and SMART TVs
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